Sunday, August 5, 2012

Farwell Girls

Farewell my lovely laying hens. I am so sorry that we were not here to protect you from that pack of dogs.

On Thursday we were away from home and got a call from my Dad that a pack of very aggressive dogs had torn through the fencing on my chicken yard and killed 3 of my hens and maimed the other 2 to the point that they had to be put down. I was heart broken, the girls had gotten to the point that they would come when I whistled and 3 of them would eat from my hand.

Fortunately the dogs had not gotten into the 16 week olds coop so BW came home and re-enforced that pen. On Friday the dogs came back and were thinking about getting into the babies coop. Fortunately we were home at the time and they ran away. If we had a touch more time we would have eliminated the problem as harsh as that might sound. When they came back they were very aggressive to BW who is not a small guy.

We are working on a new coop and pen as we speak with a tougher wire that hopefully nothing can get through. this is getting old. Just since May I have lost 8 layers due to a brown bear attack and dog attacks.

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