Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Egg Hunting or the down side of Free Range Hens

Most people only get to have an egg hunting once a year at Easter. Not me, I get to have one every day now that the girls are out and about all day. They seem to think that since they are out they don't need to lay their eggs in the coop anymore. Lets go looking for eggs.
Nope, not in there. That would have been to easy.
Come back later mom!!!
Nope not there
Hah, found one!
Jackpot, three more not I am only missing one. Where could it be? Maybe to early in the day?

Found it Mom!!!
Really, right in the middle of the yard!!!!
No one is fessing up to be the one that just lays anywhere. They swear they are all GOOD girls and go off to lay in private.

Oh, Well I am 5 for 5. It is a good day.

Homestead Barn Hop #70

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