Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blizzard Warnings and Garden Planning

Well we woke up this morning and looked at the weather. Hmmm blizzard warnings until 4 this afternoon... Great. Well I guess we will just hang out at home and plan for this summer. Since we just moved back to our cabin I wont have my greenhouse (sob) I will be making do with big planter boxes. We have so left over plastic from said greenhouse that we will use to make tops for some of the boxes like this

Although maybe if I am lucky I can get BW to make me something like this
I am not sure where I would put one that big yet but I am sure that I can figure it out. Hopefully given we are at a little lower elevation now I will have a slightly longer growing season and maybe I can get a few more things to grow.

I need to get my favorite seed company to send me a new catalog. I think mine must have come just after I put in our change of address. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has a great catalog, wonderful service and great seeds. I love that they are open pollinated seeds and all non-GMO.


  1. Love the page!! It looks great.

  2. Awesome, I will definitely be showing this to the husband ;-)