Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Homestead

                                                               Our Homestead
The home part of the stead :)
This is a picture of our cabin. Our homestead is actually located on my families property, it is a little weird but it is nice to be close to family, we can help each other. We did buy a house and property of our own but then we had Skiffbaby and the house was not big enough, also the property ended up having poor soil and we were to high up to have a good long growing season. So when faced with the decision of adding onto the house or moving back to the cabin until we can afford to buy the property we dream of and build we decided that the cabin was a better plan. This is a picture from years ago of the back of the property were the outhouse and greenhouse were.

The outhouse is unfortunately the same but that greenhouse long ago succumbed to a wind storm. I was thinking that I was going to try to put the garden in the same spot but we may be putting an addition on the house back there. Hmmm back to the drawing

The chicken coop is in the front side yard for now. When we moved in there was so much snow that that was pretty much the only option we had. I think we will be building a new coop this spring and when we place it I will have it faceing south instead of the north facing direction it is now. Then we will create them a yard around the base of the trees in the picture.

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