Friday, February 3, 2012

More snow, running for your water and the OUTHOUSE

More snow, really.... not what I was hoping for. This is my view from the last blizzard, on a good day there are mountains behind all those trees. The forcast for the near future...  more snow.

So every since we moved back to the cabin we have running water, as in we run to get it. This is not a uncommen thing in Alaska but it still kind of stinks. When we lived in the other house we only had to haul drinking water. We had running water for doing dishes, showers, cleaning and oh yeah an inside toilet. Which brings me to a hole nother topic. The OUTHOUSE. Most people only have a fleeting knowledge of the outhouse. Most people if they have any knowledge of an outhouse at all, runs to the distant past, summer camp, highway rest stops of the past and camping trips. Most Alaskan have a much closer relationship with outhouses.
                                                                                (my dream outhouse)
There is an art to proper outhouse care, one should never put Tp in the hole, Lime cuts down on smells, leave the door open just a little to promote ventelation and regularly move the outhouse to a new hole. That last one is the issue we are having, we moved back into the cabin after the big freeze. this means that we did not have a chance to dig a new hole so we have been useing the same hole that has been there for 6 years. After multipule sets of renters this is a stinky endever. We can't wait for spring for many reasons but this is a very important one.
                                                             (not my actual outhouse but it feels this bad a -15)

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