Sunday, July 1, 2012

Firewood and a Holz Hausen

Firewood is something with think of year round up this far north. Even in the summer it is in the back of our minds that it is much easier to get firewood now then in January when there is snow up to our waists or deeper. It is pretty satisfying to see a tree go from


To This

To This

BW is creating a Holz Hausen. It is a greman way of stacking firewood that is supposed to improve how it dries. This is what a finished Holz Hausen looks like

Obviously it is not going to be a traditional Holz Hausen because it is around a tree but it still looks super cool and considering it is in the front yard that is important.

These are a few pictures from year ago and this trip is the reason we do firewood in the summer now.

At least it was a rewarding trip


  1. I like the way you stacked the firewood around a tree! How clever! Does it stay dry in the rain?

  2. The top layer does get damp but the lower portion says dry. We usually cover it with a tarp if it is going to rain a lot or once it starts snowing.