Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quinoa Swish Chard Skillet Recipe

I went out to my garden box yesterday and realized that my swish thought it was going to bolt. I cut of each of the stalks real low. Hopefully they will grow back. Then I was left with what to do with the chard. It was not enough to actually both with blanching and putting up so I set to thinking up a recipe that was good and skiffbaby would eat.

I headed for the pantry, I knew there was Quinoa in there and that sounded good also.

I made the Quinoa according to the directions except I increased the amount x2. So instead of using a half cup of uncooked quinoa I used a full cup and 2 cups water.

While that was cooking, I put the cut up chard in a smaller skillet with a touch of olive oil, about a 1/2 cup of white wine, 1 Tbs of sesame oil, 3 Tbs of Bragg's liquid amino's, and 1 Tbs of chicken bouillon.

Then I covered the smaller skillet and let that wilt. Once it was done I I moved the quinoa out of the large skillet and added about 1 Tbs of butter,  1 Tbs of olive oils, 3 more Tbs of chicken bouillon and a 1/2 cup milk to the pan. Then I moved the chard mixture into skillet with all its cooking juices and added the quinoa back in. I cooked these together just long enough to the milk to cook into the quinoa and not have any standing in the pan.

The final picture does not really look that great but I promise you it is SO good.

NOTE: All of these measurements are approximate. I am really bad about measuring things when I cook so feel free to adjust to what you think is needed.
BW says I cook by feel and there are no hard and fast rules. It drives him crazy when I am trying to tell him how to duplicate a recipe.

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  1. I love quinoa and cook it all the time! It's def. one of our main staples in our house! We'd love it if you'd come link this up to our Homesteading & Homemaking Link Party- "Home is Where the Heart is". http://www.homesteadsimple.com/home-is-where-the-heart-is-link-it-up-wednesdays-2/